Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mission and Vision

A reposeful landscape in a new found leadership

The cardinal reason for building a new community has something to do, in fact, with the characteristic of our age; the fundamental needs of the constituency; especially the poor. this is a necessity over which the might of government can be of no avail, for the poor, and marginalized are in many ways, the people for which government exist. The deficiencies of the past are primarily brought about by mis- education. therefore; with a new thrust of education in combining work, study and social involvement, the management of a reposeful community begins, in this crucial times, with the government, but it ends with the people. Introduce therefore reforms in an effort to correct the past deficiencies and broaden the base of participation by the population in the development process. Initiate economic reform that will contribute to create an environment more conducive to sustained economic growth.

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