Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to back champion ROY 2010

ROY 2010  Champion - Pandan Invitational Basketball Tournament
Back to back champion  ROY 2010, named after Barangay  Treasurer ROY DANTE OGURIDA, President of Angeles City Barangay Treasurer League with nine years in public service in Barangay Cutcut and with Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Holy Angel Univeristy.

at center - ROY OGURIDA
According to people who are near to him, he is kind, compassionate, sweet, loving, generous, trustworthy and friendly. He doesn’t try to put himself on top but this is his personality.

ROY 2010 - Champion, Cutcut, AC
He had plans to join politics someday that is why he try to figure out how to add more his knowledge by studying to be more equipt and to be more efficient in service to his fellowmen.

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