Sunday, July 17, 2011

Which do you prefer, Cutcut Cemetery or Holy Mary Memorial Park?

There is exclusiveness even in death.  It has been shared that in the Philippines, there are two types of people; rich and poor, rich people do not want to be with the poor ones.

Rev. Gaudario was talking to a lady about one of her family members had been recently buried.  He asked where they buried the wake. She told him Holy Mary Memorial Park, which is an exclusive cemetery for the rich folks.  It is located at Cutcut, Angeles City.  So, priest said "Oh Yes,  I know where that it is in Cutcut."  She got a little testy, because there is also another cemetery for the poor folks, commonly known as Cutcut Cemetery. She replied "No! Holy Mary." He may have again tried to clarify by saying "Yes in Barangay Cutcut." but she would not be caught dead (argh) burying a relative there, so she said "No. Holy Mary!"

No matter where a wake would it be buried whether in a “museleo” or in a simple apartment, what important is his/her final destination; heaven or hell.

“Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” (NIV) Hebrew 9:27

The more important question is not where your body will be buried, but where will your soul spend eternity?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mission and Vision

A reposeful landscape in a new found leadership

The cardinal reason for building a new community has something to do, in fact, with the characteristic of our age; the fundamental needs of the constituency; especially the poor. this is a necessity over which the might of government can be of no avail, for the poor, and marginalized are in many ways, the people for which government exist. The deficiencies of the past are primarily brought about by mis- education. therefore; with a new thrust of education in combining work, study and social involvement, the management of a reposeful community begins, in this crucial times, with the government, but it ends with the people. Introduce therefore reforms in an effort to correct the past deficiencies and broaden the base of participation by the population in the development process. Initiate economic reform that will contribute to create an environment more conducive to sustained economic growth.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

RESOLUTION No. 25 Series of 2011


WHEREAS, this august body has enacted Ordinance No. 31 further amending Ordinance No. 20 series of 2006 as emended;

WHEREAS, the Honorable Barangay Captain has returned the said legislative measure with the suggestion that it be further amended Section 7 of Barangay Ordinance No. 20, series of 2006 as amended by the Barangay Ordinance No. 31, series of 2011 particularly on Section 7 thereof is hereby further amended;

WHEREAS, this ordinance shall take effect 30 days after its approval.

NOW THEREFORE, on motion Barangay Kagawad ROY DANTE OGURIDA, duly seconded by Barangay Kagawad EMERENCIANA L. SIGUA, a resolution amending Barangay Ordinance No. 20, Series of 2006 as amended by Barangay Ordinance No. 31, Series of 2011 is hereby approved.

APPROVED in regular session assembled by Cutcut Barangay Council held on July 05, 2011 at the Cutcut Barangay Hall, Angeles City.

Monday, July 4, 2011

RESOLUTION No. 24 Series of 2011

On joint- motion of the proponent,  Kagawad EMERENCIANA L. SIGUA, chairman of the Committee on Education and Kagawad ROY DANTE OGURIDA, chairman of the Committee on Appropriation, duly seconded;


WHEREAS, this resolution aims to provide financial assistance to poor but deserving students who
want to pursue secondary education at any public school.

WHEREAS, One hundred (100) scholars/grantees shall be accommodated per school year

WHEREAS, the CUTCUT BARANGAY COUNCIL shall incorporate in the annual budget the funds to cover the implementation of this program.

WHEREAS, this program shall take effect beginning school year 2012-2013.

NOW THEREFORE, on motion Barangay Kagawad EMERENCIANA L. SIGUA, duly seconded by Barangay Kagawad ROY DANTE OGURIDA, a resolution creating the Barangay Cutcut Scholarship Program hereby unanimously approved.

UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED in regular session assembled by Cutcut Barangay Council held on July 05, 2011 at the Cutcut Barangay Hall, Angeles City.
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