Friday, November 23, 2012

Councilor Nepomuceno asks for open budget hearing

Amid allegations that the City Government is facing bankruptcy, Councilor Bryan Matthew Nepomuceno urged his fellow councilors to start the hearing on the 2013 budget.
“The current administration, led by Mayor Ed Pamintuan, as well as my fellow members in the City Council are all staunch advocates of transparency, so I am sure that they will be more than willing to make the budget hearings open to the public,” Nepomuceno said, “After all, it is the taxpayers’ money that we’re dealing with here.”
Nepomuceno said it is imperative that the City Government disclose fully its financial records, including its current financial position, its actual revenues and expenditures, so that they would be able to pass a budget which would not stain the city coffers and expose it to possible bankruptcy.
The camp of Representative Carmelo Lazatin (1st District, Pampanga) is accusing Pamintuan’s administration of fiscal mismanagement which has led to the city’s bankruptcy.
The Lazatin camp have released documents from the Office of the City Treasurer which reveal that as of September 3, 2012, the City Government had a negative cash flow of P11,945,575.92.
Earlier, Nepomuceno also expressed concern over the city’s tax collection on sand, gravel and other quarry products which were left blank in the Executive Budget for 2013 despite the noticeable number of trucks transporting the said products regularly going through the city.

by: Reynaldo Navales
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