Thursday, March 5, 2015

There are no permanent friends in politics, only permanent interests

"Alam nyo yung kasabihan na in politics, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. Naniniwala ako pero hindi dun sa traditional sense na personal yung interest. Para sa akin pag interest ang sinasabi ay interest ng siyudad," he said.

Nepomuceno admitted that their family is very close to Senator Lito Lapid, who is planning to oppose Pamintuan in the mayoralty race in 2016. But he clarified that the Lapids and Nepomucenos respect each other when it comes to political decisions.

"Ali naman miapektuan ing pamikaluguran da. Patye miakit la makanyan pa mu rin. Nothing personal, kung baga malambat nalang pareu keng pulitika I tatang ku (former city councilor Robin Nepomuceno) tsaka I senator at balu dana pu kayabe ngan yan keng pulitika," he said.

Councilor Bryan Nepomuceno, who is planning to run for the city's vice-mayoralty post in 2016, said that he is supporting Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan for the best interest of the city.

The city councilor issued the statement following reports that he will be Pamintuan's running mate in next year's polls.

Nepomuceno disclosed that he is set to join Pamintuan's Abe Kapampangan Party through a process.

"I feel confident [that I will be selected on the belief] that the alliance was forged for the good of the administration," Nepomuceno said.

"After the formal process, lunto mu rin ken na it will be best for the party na ing tagal mayor I Mayor EdPam ang ing vice mayor aku ne," he added.

(After the formal process, it will then appear that it will be best for the party if Mayor EdPam runs again for mayor and I as vice-mayor)

Despite being a member of the city council’s opposition or minority bloc, Nepomuceno said he has always supported Pamintuan's programs including the city college, renal care center, public cemetery, and others.

Aside from these, Nepomuceno claimed that he also voted in favor of the passage of major ordinances proposed by the council's majority bloc.

"Records will bear me out. All I did was megpalub kung amendments na isip ku makasanting ketang ordinance syempre ketang isip kun a makasanting a makasaup kareng tau," Nepomuceno said.

(All I did was made amendments on ordinances which I thought would help people)

"Patye misan masyadung yang harsh ing ordinance dinan ta yang pampalambut bagya. Patye naman masyadung yang malambut dinan ta yang pampasyas bagya," he added.

(Sometimes ordinances are harsh so I 'soften' them and when their too soft I 'harden' them)

Nepomuceno also disclosed that he already informed former congressman Carmelo "Tarzan" Lazatin about his decision to seek the vice-mayoralty post under Pamintuan's ticket.

Nepomuceno ran under Lazatin's slate when the latter lost to Pamintuan in the mayoralty race during the last elections.

(It will not affect their friendship. When they see each other, it’s still the same way with them. Nothing personal since my father and the senator have both been in politics for a long time. They know that it all comes in politics)

- sunstar pampanga
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