Tuesday, May 12, 2015

History repeats itself

Councilor Bryan Nepomuceno said that "history repeats itself" when Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan and another member of the former’s family will seek elective positions together.
The city legislator issued the statement during the monthly Talk Widus hosted by the Pampanga Press Club (PPC) at Widus Hotel and Casino inside the Clark Freeport.
Nepomuceno, who is planning to run for vice mayor under the slate of incumbent Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan, described their tandem as a perfect team to effectively serve the people of Angeles City.
The Nepomucenos and Pamintuans had no serious rivalry with each other in politics before, said Nepomuceno.
"Nung talagang lawen me ing kasaysayan na ning pulitika keng Angeles, reng Nepomuceno ampo reng Pamintuan very recent ya mu itang milaban la," he added.
In 2001, Nepomuceno said his father Robin ran for mayor in the city and the latter picked councilors and candidates who ran under Pamintuan's ticket.
He named some of them, including Pamintuan’s current chief of staff Alex Cauguiran and the so-called seven dwarfs in the city council -- Bong Alvaro, Susan Pineda, Alex Indiongco, Ares Yabut and Pitong Del Rosario.
"Atin na pung relasyun [Pamintuan-Nepomuceno] dati pa. Oneng manaliwa pu ing [political] landscape," the young Nepomuceno said.
In 1995, Pamintuan and his runningmate – former congressman and mayor Francis "Blueboy" Nepomuceno – were both elected under one party, he disclosed.
However, the duo opposed each other in Pampanga first district’s congressional race. Nepomuceno defeated Pamintuan who later served as cabinet member under the administration of now Pampanga Second District Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
"I mayor EdPam pu anyang 2001 meyawus ya keng Malacanang, ngeni retang likwan na pung leader ampong konsehal na in-adopt mi la pu. So, ing buri na pung sabyan, ala naman personalan a milyari ketang pamanagal congressman mayor ampo I bapa ku," Nepomuceno said.
“Ngeni pu sasabyan da balamu sasabyan da na history repeats itself. Tatagal yang pasibayung mayor I Edpam at pusibling Nepomuceno ne naman ing maging bise alkalde na,” Nepomuceno said.
He expressed optimism that another part of history will repeat itself and that he and Pamintuan will be elected in the next year’s polls.
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