Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Angeles Electric Corporation

Businesses come and go. But not for these Kapampangan enterprises founded by visionaries who poured in blood, sweat and tears to build these commercial establishments that have--with a dash of luck--become icons of economic success in the province's business landscape. Let's see some of these businesses that are still in existence and continue to endure to this very day.

Angeles City’s main power provider, the Angeles Electric Corp., began as Angeles Electric Light and Power Plant on July 10, 1923, a project of Don Juan Nepomuceno and wife, Nena Gomez. The couple—who already had an ice plant, and would go on to found other ventures like Holy Angel Academy, a softdrinks factory, a subdivision and a commercial shopping complex---thought that bringing  power to a community, including light to the church—was a great idea. With a 2,000 pesos down payment on a Php 72,000 power plant machines—the Nepomucenos set forth to establish the electric company that would serve Angeles continuously, except during the dark days of the war. It was incorporated in 1959 as Angeles Electric Corp. and the institution continues to provide power service, efficiently and competently-- not only to the city but also to nearby areas, today.

The company came to be known as Angeles Electric Corporation (AEC) when it was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1959. Today, after more than 90 years in operation, AEC continues to move forward and remain at par with industry leaders.

Angeles Electric Corporation holds the distinction of being the first electric utility company to achieve 100% electrification of all areas within its franchise coverage.  This happened in 1969 with the conversion of distribution voltage from 2,400v to 13,800v that enabled the company to extend its power lines to the remotest barangay of Angeles City.

While the ‘80s may be considered as banner years when AEC experienced unprecedented growth with the increase in coverage area and computerization of the billing system, the ‘90s will be remembered as the turbulent decade of the power crisis, Mt. Pinatubo eruption and labor unrest.  It was during this period when AEC made a determined effort – and succeeded – to enhance customer service and information retrieval system.

On the fourteenth year of the new century, Angeles Electric Corporation is gearing up to meet the challenges of an industry in a state of transition.  AEC’s competitiveness in a deregulated environment is anchored on a two-pronged thrust: the enhancement of service delivery and the strengthening of operational and financial viability.

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