Monday, December 5, 2016

Cutcut Barangay Hall

The New Cutcut Barangay Hall
As Barangay Kagawad and Chairman of Committee on Public Works, the improvement of Cutcut Barangay Hall is our a priority concern for this Barangay;

But Barangay Cutcut having limited funds and income necessitate the allocation for the improvements of Cutcut Barangay Hall.

sketch from my draft notes

February 7, 2011, when i proposed a resolution to the good Senator Frnaklin Drilon for the improvement of Cutcut Barangay Hall. This will be more advantageous and convenient, management-wise, resulting in increased efficiency in operations and improved services to the public.

almost the realization of  Cutcut Brgy Hall
But the realization of this project become possible thru the good Congresman Carmelo Lazatin and the support of Cutcut Barangay Council for the additional funds thru 20% Development Funds of the Barangay.

The newly constructed Barangay Hall of Cutcut, A.C.
The Cutcut Barangay Hall is lovingly dedicated to the constituents of Barangay Cutcut. May it serve as a reminder to each of us the untiring efforts and devotion to duty of Punong Barangay, former Congresman Tarzan Lazatin and Barangay Cutcut Council 2010-2013.

This dream project was done during our term as Barangay Kagawad and Chairman of Committee on Public Works, thanks to the Cutcut Barangay Council 2010-2013 and Cong. Tarzan Lazatin

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