Monday, June 20, 2011

RESOLUTION No. 18 Series of 2011

A Resolution granting financial assistance amounting five thousand pesos (Php 5,000.00) each of the two (2) families who were affected by the fire which happened on the 27th of March 2011 and such amount is chargeable to the 5% Calamity Funds.

WHEREAS, on the 27th day of January around 3:58 o’clock in the afternoon, a fire incident occurred in a residential house located at #786 Rizal Extension, Barangay Cutcut, Angeles City.

WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions of RA 8185, otherwise known as ‘An Act Amending Section 324 (d) of RA 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991’, (sic) its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and Executive Order No. 201 dated 26 April 2003, it is hereby clarified that the 5% local calamity fund of every local government unit (LGU) shall be utilized only for the relief, reconstruction, rehabilitation and other works and services, in connection with a calamity which occurred during the budget year. Under the aforesaid Act, calamity has been defined as a state of extreme distress or great misfortune caused by adverse event or natural force, causing widespread loss or extensive damage to livestocks, lives, crops and properties. Accordingly, any adverse event, such as but not limited to, acts of terrorism and spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or other endemics, that could fall within the ambit of the definition of calamity defined by law, can be a legal basis for LGUs concerned to declare their own state of calamity.

WHEREAS, the Fund valid for used on relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction and other works or services in connection with man-made disasters resulting from unlawful acts of insurgents, terrorists and other criminals, as well as for disaster preparedness and other pre-disaster activities.

NOW THEREFORE, on motion of Barangay Kagawad ROY DANTE OGURIDA, duly seconded by Barangay Kagawad EMERENCIANA SIGUA in a session assembled, do hereby approved the financial assistance amounting to five thousand pesos (Php 5,000.00) each of the two (2) families who were affected by the fire last 27th of March 2011 chargeable to the 5% Calamity Funds.

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