Friday, November 23, 2018

Let it BE!!! Mayor ko Bryan Nepomuceno

HARP Mayoral Candidates Forum - Recently held at a hotel near Clark, the 3 candidates where invited to share their platforms of government with regards to Business and Tourism. Each of the candidates where given 10 minutes to present and thereafter were given 5 common questions, wherein the other 2 candidates wore a headset while the other candidate is answering the said question.
“I stand before you here today, on this auspicious event, not to promise the sun, the moon & the stars. I am here to present to you what I believe are doable yet noteworthy plans that will outlive any trend. Trends change, but sound foundation, system and infrastructure will not.”
“Masensu ka, Masensu ku, Masensu tamu Angeles!
“I will be pushing for the elevation of Angeles City Tourism Office to a Department.”
“We will establish tourist infrastructure like public toilets, waiting sheds, and shaded pathways, and better lighting systems, as well tourist assistance centers along and within key tourist zones.”
“We will also develop new and novel events both in sports and in culture like regional and national meets, music festivals, motor sports, as well as events that will cater to our expat community.”
Let it BE!!! Mayor ko Bryan Nepomuceno.

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